SCiBreak joins HYPERRIDE

SCiBreak will be part of a new European R&D project contributing to the field implementation of DC and hybrid AC/DC grids. The HYPERRIDE (Hybrid Provision of Energy based on Reliability and Resiliency by Integration of DC Equipment) project gathers key players in Europe in this field, among manufacturers, grid operators, research centers, and academia. The overall project budget is 8 233 KEUR. HYPERRIDE will raise the TRL of the most promising enabling technologies currently available, with the main focus on MVDC breakers.
SCiBreak will develop an ultrafast DC breaker at 5 kV to be deployed in an MVDC grid demonstrator in Aachen, Germany. Furthermore, together with the project partner Eaton, SCiBreak will also develop a 14 kV DC breaker, which will be evaluated under realistic conditions. The circuit breaker design will be based on SCiBreak’s voltage-source converter assisted resonant current (VARC) technology and Eaton’s proprietary vacuum mechanical interrupter solutions.
With demonstrations in three locations — Aachen in Germany, Lausanne in Switzerland, and Terni in Italy — HYPERRIDE will showcase the enabling technologies within a wide range of use cases. The benefits of the solutions will be evaluated, especially the integration potential of renewables, compared to conventional AC grids. Finally, business models will be created for the products, services, and applications in HYPERRIDE. Consequently, HYPERRIDE will actively identify and provide solutions to overcome barriers for a successful roll-out of new grid infrastructure concepts throughout Europe.

See the project on the European Commission website.

Eaton press-release about HYPERRIDE

SCiBreak 80 kV modular HVDC breaker successfully tested at KEMA

On Aug 18-20 an 80 kV modular HVDC breaker was successfully tested at the KEMA test laboratory in Arnhem, Netherlands. The test was carried out as part of the PROMOTioN project, which gathers all main HVDC players in Europe, and aims to accelerate the development of meshed offshore HVDC grids. The capability of interrupting fault currents was tested. This is needed in HVDC grids to rapidly clear faults. It was shown that the breaker is capable of interrupting fault currents of up to 15 kA against a returning voltage of 120 kV within 2 ms, and 12 kA in less than 1.5 ms. Suppression energies up to 2.5 MJ were tested.

– This was a very important step in showing the capabilities of the SCiBreak VARC circuit breaker technology. We are most grateful for the excellent collaboration with KEMA and the other partners in the PROMOTiON project says SCiBreak CTO Tomas Modeer.

One of the tests was live-streamed on Aug 19. A recording from the live stream can be seen below.

Recording from live stream during testing at KEMA

SCiBreak is hiring!

2020 is a big year for SCiBreak. We have started our first major customer project, providing grid protection for the Swedish Transport Administration, and we will also develop medium voltage DC switchgear as part of an upcoming EU research project. With our growing commitments ahead, our team needs to be expanded.

We are currently looking for a development engineer, a Swedish-speaking senior development engineer, and a summer intern. To see more, go the Careers section

SCiBreak wins order from Trafikverket

SCiBreak has been selected by Trafikverket (the Swedish Transport Administration) to develop and supply equipment for the Swedish rail network. Swedish railways are seeing increasing passenger streams, resulting in a need for more traffic. The power supply system needs to be upgraded, but this often leads to excessive short-circuit currents in case of faults, which are damaging, and therefore are not allowed. SCiBreak will provide ultra-fast circuit breakers that can interrupt fault currents before damage is done.

“The technology provided by SCiBreak can enable us at Trafikverket to upgrade the railway power supply network at low cost as well as to avoid damage to equipment and distortions to rail traffic”, says Mårten Eklund, project leader at Trafikverket.

“We are proud of the confidence shown in us and our technology, by Trafikverket,  and we will do our best to meet their expectations”, says Staffan Norrga, CEO of SCiBreak.

The total order sum is 38 MSEK which includes development work, delivery and commissioning of ten circuit breakers.

For more information, contact Staffan Norrga (070-5601584,


SCiBreak AB is a Swedish company founded in 2014 to commercialize new technology for interrupting electric current. Our unique and patented technology allows users to protect electric power systems against short-circuit faults at minimum cost. We are located in Järfälla outside Stockholm, and our roots are with the KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. We have been supported by Innoenergy during our development.

Entry into PROMOTioN

SCiBreak has been accepted as a partner in the PROMOTioN project, which is part of the EU-financed Horizon 2020 program. The project seeks to develop meshed HVDC offshore grids on the basis of cost-effective and reliable technological innovation. It gathers more than 30 partners among manufacturers, TSOs, consultants and academia and has a budget of more than 50 MEUR.

SCiBreak will contribute in several ways to the project.

SCiBreak moves into new facilities

SciBreak is moving into new facilities in Kallhäll north of Stockholm. The new facilities comprise 100 m2 in the ground floor for test setup and workshop and 100 m2 office is available on the upper floor.

Project HIBREAK started

SCiBreak will,together with the Swedish TSO Svenska Kraftnät and the Belgian university KU Leuven, carry out  a development project — HIBREAK — to develop and verify a high-speed DC circuit breaker module for 40 kV, 10 kA with operation time below 5 ms. The project runs during 2017-2018 and includes testing for Proof Of Concept for validation of SCiBreak’s DC circuit breaker technology.

The project will be funded by Innoenergy, the Swedish Energy Agency and Svenska Kraftnät.