Tomas Modeer appointed CEO of SCiBreak

Tomas Modeer takes over as CEO after Staffan Norrga on December 1st, 2020. Modeer has formerly been heading the technology development at SCiBreak, and will continue to oversee the development in his new role as CEO. Staffan Norrga has been appointed chairman of the board and will continue to support the company working on market and business development.

LimBreak-Rail: New EUREKA-project together with Arcteq Oy on ultra-fast fault detection in railway applications

A bidirectional, ultra-fast DC-breaker, such as the breaker technology offered by SCiBreak, can with great benefits be used also in AC-systems. Especially in 16.7 Hz railway applications, the ability to dramatically reduce the total fault clearance time brings a unique and valuable tool to the grid owners.

The requirements on and possibilities enabled by a fast-acting fault detection system will be investigated in the form of a EUREKA-project called LimBreak-Rail.

LimBreak-Rail partners

The project will be carried out as a collaboration together with the innovative Finnish SME Arcteq, which develops detection systems for both 50 Hz and 16.7 Hz applications. A fault detection system will, as a part of the project, be demonstrated and tested in the grid of the Swedish national railway operator, Trafikverket.