Master’s Thesis Project: Auxiliary Power Supply at High Potential

Posted 7 months ago

Enabling the Supergrid

The changes in the electrical energy system towards more renewable energy sources as well as more flexibility requires new switchgear solutions. SCiBreak AB is a spin-out company from KTH developing ultra-fast electric breakers for both AC and DC applications. Our world-leading technology for ultra-fast interruption of electric current in medium or high voltage networks can reduce cost by more than 50% compared to competing solutions. We need competence in power electronics, electromagnetics, electronic design, and hardware-near programming.

Hybrid circuit breakers make use of a combination of mechanical breaking elements and semiconductors to interrupt current. This way, the beneficial properties of both of these devices can be utilized, low losses in the conducting state, and fast breaking when needed. Isolated power supplies that can provide the power needed for the mechanical and electrical parts at high electric potential, are often needed to implements such breakers in practice. The thesis project will investigate a power electronic concept for feeding power at high insulation (30 kV — 525 kV). A reliability analysis of the system should be also performed. In the end, a techno-economic analysis will be made where cost is optimized given the required performance and reliability metrics.

The main steps in the work can be as follows:

  1. Literature survey to establish the state-of-the-art in the field
  2. Analytical modeling and simulation
  3. Reliability and lifetime modeling
  4. If time allows: build-up of an experimental setup and test it.
  5. Report writing

Desired knowledge: Power electronics, Electromagnetics.

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